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Proof Positive Polygraph provides polygraph exams for Individuals and Therapists. Our specially trained Examiners provide polygraph testing that is administered in a friendly, low-profile, and “non-accusatory” interview process.

Relationship Repair
Our testing is all about determining truth; as there is no greater freedom for those choosing to prove their changes from a previous behavior or addiction. Distrust is the blockade for relationship repair. The polygraph test can be a very constructive tool to move forward. For many, it can be the voice of truth and a bridge for healing. Often, without having polygraph testing results as evidence, accusations continue and the “offender” becomes the “victim”.

Truth Confirmation
If you are considering polygraph testing to confirm truth in an issue, you can be confident that the polygraph test is one of the most accurate means available to determine truth and deception. According to studies held by the American Polygraph Association, researchers have determined that a validity and reliability rate of polygraph testing is as high as 92 to 95%.

Serving Counselors and Therapists
If you are in need of polygraph services, and are not a counselor, we can help you find one that will arrange for testing, and assist with the appropriate questioning necessary to your issues.

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